SheStrong is an Arizona Non-For Profit Corporation and a registered triathlon team with USAT.

Our teams represent the strength and resiliency of female cancer patients.

We are daughters, mothers, sisters, friends, wives, aunts, and neighbors that have received a cancer diagnosis.

We are athletes and woman who want to empower our tribe, and not allow cancer to break us.


NEW EVENT September 30, 2023

Why Is It Called The Monarch Triathlon?

Monarch butterflies are not only beautiful but represent mystery, symbolism and meaning. The Monarch undergoes a complete metamorphosis representing a spiritual rebirth, transformation, change, hope and life. The Monarch Triathlon will do the same thing for the athletes that train and compete in the event but it goes beyond that. The Monarch Triathlon represents the rebirth of the women who have battled cancer. It represents the transformation and change that they undergo during their diagnosis and treatment. Finally, the Monarch triathlon brings hope and life to the participants and their loved ones.

Who Can Race?

If you're a female who battled cancer,  this is your race. If you’re a female who is fortunate and never faced cancer, but sadly lost a mother, sister, grandmother or a woman close to you, join us and race in their honor. If you've been truly blessed and cancer has not affected you or your inner circle, you can still race. By paying your entry fee,  you're helping young girls who have been affected by cancer. A portion of your entry fee will be used to create scholarships for girls who have lost a female primary care giver to cancer. Join us in celebrating life and showing that cancer did not break us

The Monarch Triathlon Medal

We have designed the Monarch Triathlon Medal to come to life and provide a keepsake for each athlete. The spinning design will make the monarch butterfly seem as if it is moving through life and showcasing its beauty for all to see. The SheStrong ribbon in the middle of the monarch butterfly is removable and can be worn on a necklace, bracelet, or keychain. This reminder can be with each finisher every day as a reminder that they can do the impossible. It’s a reminder to celebrate life the way they celebrated their finish at the Monarch Triathlon.

What Can I Expect At The Monarch Triathlon?

The Monarch Triathlon will be unlike any other triathlon you’ve participated in or read about. Our finish line will be a celebration of life for the participants and their families. Athletes will get to record a personal message before the event. The message can be a tribute to yourself or a loved one you have lost to cancer. Brandy Ramirez, Founder of SheStrong says, “I would make a tribute to myself. I battled stage 3 cancer from 2017-2019. I also lost my mother to cancer in 2021, so I would dedicate my race in her honor.”

The video board will show these messages providing inspiration and motivation for the athletes. This finish line will come to life as each athlete crosses under the arch and all hear why athletes are racing and how important it is to them to be a part of the Monarch Triathlon.

Who Will The Monarch Triathlon Benefit?

The Monarch Triathlon will donate a portion of the proceeds from the race to provide college scholarships to girls who have lost their mother to cancer. Our goal is to make sure that these ladies are able to grow and transform, like the Monarch butterfly, and celebrate their life despite the setbacks and hardships faced when losing a parent.


Individual registration is $215 Relay Cost is $300 per team.


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Swim Portion 

Looking to PR in your swim?

The Monarch Triathlon was created with beginner athletes in mind. We wanted to make sure that every participant came away from the race with a smile and that starts with the swim. Our 0.9 mile swim in the Colorado River is down stream. This means that you’ll be aided by the current to help you achieve your swim goals.

In addition to that, being in the Colorado River means you won’t have to worry about waves and swells the way you would in an ocean swim and sometimes in a lake swim. If you’re racing this distance for the first time, this is the race to enter as we have developed a swim course focused on helping beginners get past their anxiety of the open water.


The swim will start in the Colorado River in Bullhead City.

Swim - 0.9 Miles


Bike Route

What do I need to know about the bike course?

The bike portion of the Monarch Triathlon will be scenic and historic. You’ll be riding on historic Route 66 and will be able to see the historic ‘Rock House’ as you crest at Union Pass which leads to 7 miles of downhill riding as you begin to make your way to Kingman, Arizona.

The route is gradual in its elevation climb with the steepest section being 6%. Your reward for any section of climbing is being able to recover while riding the downhill sections and setting yourself up for a great run.

Bike- 48 miles one way